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Virtu Digilab provides the most complete health care solution with a professional and trusted team, quality services, and accurate examination results to protect your health and future with the latest technology.

The preparations carried out depend on the type of examination to be carried out. And to ensure the accuracy of the examination results, here are some recommended examination preparations:

  1. Patients must fast for at least 10 hours prior to blood collection, except for fasting glucose testing, for at least 8 hours. For triglyceride testing, patients should fast for 12 hours.
  2. During fasting, patients are not allowed to eat and drink, except water.
  3. Avoid smoking, eating chewing gum, drinking coffee and tea (without sugar), and alcohol.
  4. Do not fast for more than 14 hours.
  5. Do not do strenuous activities such as exercise before the blood draw.
  6. Blood sampling should be done in the morning, between 07:00 – 09:00. This is because the morning is the basal state of the body which in general has not done much activity.

The services we provide are medical laboratory services that use modern medical equipment with the support of an integrated digital information system so that you will get fast, precise and accurate test or diagnosis results.

Virtu Digilab has Office Care services, which are integrated services to serve annual employee health checks (Annual MCU) and pre-employment health checks (Pre employee MCU). Virtu Digilab office care can serve on-the-spot health checks according to company needs.

Virtu DigiLab has professional medical personnel who can provide a comprehensive diagnosis of health problems using the latest medical technology.

Medical check up is recommended to be a routine health check because it is useful for:

  1. Knowing the latest health conditions
  2. Knowing the risk of diseases that arise in the future
  3. Knowing a disease that is not accompanied by symptoms
  4. Ensure the patient’s condition before taking certain treatment
  5. Encouraging patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  6. Assist in the diagnosis of the patient’s disease

The duration of laboratory results is determined by the type of examination performed. Laboratory results will be immediately released directly to the Patient application portal once the results are finished processing.

We provide consultation services by general practitioners who are available during laboratory operating hours. The services provided are medical consultation regarding the type of examination required, the results of the examination or health problems and therapy.

Can. You can come directly to the nearest Virtu Digilab branch by showing the booking code to get your laboratory results.

You can contact our customer care department by telephone at (+62-21-5799-8899) or click the following link Contact Us to find the best solution for your medical problem.