Immunology is a health science that studies various forms of disorders and aspects of the human immune system. Every human body must have an immune system or immune system that functions to protect the defenses of the body's organs against bacteria, viruses, parasites and others. If the immune system does not function normally, various diseases will attack the body such as allergies, autoimmune, cancer and other diseases.

For this reason, Virtu DigiLab provides an immunology test or antibody test service for those of you who need further examination if you have an infection or health problem caused by an immune system disorder. With modern equipment technology, Virtu DigiLab can accurately detect the presence of a number of diseases or viruses.



Immunoserology is a scientific branch of clinical pathology that detects the formation of antibodies as a reaction to the presence of foreign substances (viruses, bacteria, allergens) with the body.

Immunological and serological tests are available at Virtu DigiLab, you can see at the following link.

Immunological and serological examinations are useful for supporting disease diagnosis by knowing antibodies that have been formed due to foreign substances (viruses, bacteria, and allergens) that enter the body and are useful for measuring the effectiveness of treatment and or vaccinations that have been carried out whether they have succeeded in forming antibodies against viruses. /bacteria.

Immunological and serological examinations can be examined at the request of the referring doctor and or independently depending on the function of the immunological and serological examinations. For example, the anti-HBS (Hepatitis B Surface) immunoserology test serves to see the effectiveness of vaccination against the hepatitis B virus whether the body has formed antibodies or not. An immunoserology examination is also to support the diagnosis of infectious diseases (virus, bacteria, and fungi) and Autoimmune as well as for monitoring the acute or chronic phase of a disease.