Toxicology is an understanding of the effects or side effects of various chemical substances that are harmful or harmful to living things. In toxicology, there are elements that interact in certain ways with one another, so that they can cause a response to damage to biological systems.

Virtu DigiLab provides laboratory facilities that can test and identify whether there is a toxic substance that has harmful side effects and poses a risk to your health. With this facility, you will get fast, safe, and high-accuracy laboratory test results.



Monitoring of medication is a clinical practice that involves measuring medication levels in a patient’s blood or plasma at prescribed times to provide guidance on the dosing regimen needed to maintain therapeutic range levels

Therapeutic Drugs Monitoring (TDM) used to adjust drug therapy individually. The goal is to maximize the therapeutic effect and reduce side effects or toxic drugs.

For drug monitoring, the specimens needed are serum or plasma blood and urine specimens, depending on the examination to be carried out.

Virtu DigiLab is here as a solution in health services, especially in the field of clinical laboratories, we present this Toxicology service because this service has benefits in determining diagnosis, management, and in some cases poisoning prevention. In addition, this service can be involved in a variety of other activities such as exposure assessment after a chemical incident, therapeutic drug monitoring, forensic analysis, and drug abuse monitoring. These services may also be involved in research, for example in determining the pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic properties of substances or the effectiveness of new treatment regimens.