Pathology Anatomy


Pathology Anatomy is the examination of tissues and cells that involves gross, microscopic and molecular visual examination of organs, tissues and cells. Pathology Anatomy plays a role in detecting body tissues and screening for a disease. Anatomical pathology is also done to determine the choice of therapy or treatment that will be carried out next.

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Anatomical pathology is a branch of medical diagnostic laboratory based on microscopic and biomolecular examination of organs, tissues, and cells in the process of identifying morphological changes in these cells and tissues.

Anatomical pathology examinations are carried out depending on medical conditions, examinations are carried out at the request of the doctor as a diagnosis of disease, treatment plans, and evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment. It is generally helpful in the diagnosis of conditions such as cancer, tumors, autoimmune, and bacterial infections.

There are several types of examinations and procedures from the scientific branch of anatomical pathology consisting of:
• Histopathology
• Cytopathology